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  • January 4-18: Tensions in the southern states of Mexico increase. Over a two-week period, the governors of Chiapas, Campeche, and Quintana Roo are assassinated. Two of the three assassins are eventually caught and judged to have been working alone.[1]
  • February 14: Using the Seretech Decision as precedent, the United States Supreme Court finds in favor of Shiawase in the case of United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission v. Shiawase Corporation. In their ruling, they determine that the private property of major corporations is not subject to the jurisdiction of the surrounding state.[2]
  • February 20: The French government refuses to recognize Shiawase's extraterritoriality. Initially wanting to be seen as the vanguard against growing corporate power, France remains alone in its opposition and receives years of corporate sanctions.[3]
  • March-May: Severe environmental contamination hits Europe. Germany’s eastern Länder are evacuated due to groundwater contamination, and the ecology of the Baltic Sea collapses due to chemical sludge. Hundreds of thousands of people are relocated as governments try to address these troubled areas.[4]
  • July 20: During the G8 summit in Genoa, Italy, private security forces open fire on anti-corporate protestors, killing twelve. The pro-corp Italian media describes the shootings as a “defense against an act of terrorism,” and protestors are forced to change their tactics in the light of the corporate crackdown.[5]
  • August 15: The US FDA approves the synthetic blood replacement P4MO for general use.[6]
  • August-October: NASA sends robot probes to Mars. After discovering structures that resemble pyramids and a skeleton, NASA refuses to release the images. NASA begins planning a secret manned mission to the Red Planet under the jurisdiction of the Veil, the Defense Department's top secret agency.[7]


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