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  • Nunavut, the Inuit territory in northern Canada, is dissolved in accordance with the Nepean Act.
  • January 20: The US federal government seizes all Native American lands.
  • February 10: A new virus is discovered in India; symptoms of infection include severe allergic reactions that eventually kill by asphyxiation. The disease is called Kali's Harvest in India; the rest of the world will come to know it as Virally-Induced Toxic Allergy Syndrome (VITAS). 450 million people worldwide die from VITAS, including Pope John Paul III.
  • The Yakuza of Seattle is given official recognition as the Dungeness Crabs of the 87th Prefecture by the oyabun of the Watada-rengo in Chiba, Japan. This approval of and support for their activities allows the Seattle Yakuza to grow rapidly and expand its operations.
  • Keruba International achieves extraterritoriality and begins competing with BMW.
  • June 22: The French economy finally breaks under the strain of VITAS, ending the country's resistance to the new corporate culture.
  • September 16: Michel Beloit buys and restructures BMW, integrating it with Saeder Munitions and Krupp Manufacturing.
  • October 28: 10.5 million of the 14 million inhabitants of Madagascar have died from VITAS by this time.
  • October 31: Quebec secedes from Canada.
  • Maria Kapatelis, daughter of Greek shipping magnate Stavros Kapatelis, is kidnapped. Her father pays the ransom of ten million American dollars, but she is never returned; the only kidnapper the authorities could locate is killed in a firefight.


The Year of Chaos

  • January 13: The first baby is born with the condition that will later be described as Unexplained Genetic Expression.
  • January: The Mexican government dissolves in the wake of VITAS outbreaks. Hundreds of thousands of refugees swarm the US border. [1]Sixth World Almanac claims April 7
  • England's Sizewell B nuclear power station suffers a critical meltdown. 7,800 people die within the first month and nearly 80,000 will die of various cancers over the next thirty years.[2]
  • A nuclear power plant in Dounreay, Scotland, suffers a meltdown, creating the Scottish Irradiated Zone.[3]
  • The Auvergne volcano in France erupts.
  • February: The IRA kills forty-four soldiers of the British Parachute Regiment in Coalisland.[4]
  • February 9: The Black Tide hits the North Sea coast, killing thousands and displacing millions in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Denmark and Norway. Half a million people eventually die from the Black Tide's effects.[5]
  • February 20: The first mana storm sweeps across the Australian Outback.
  • March: The IRA kills thirty-one soldiers of the British Parachute Regiment in Ulster.[6]
  • March 14: Newsweek magazine is the first media outlet that describes UGE babies as "elves" and "dwarfs."
  • April 14: The IRA destroys the British SAS base in Belfast, killing thirteen operators and eleven Protestant paramilitaries.[7]
  • May: Beginning now and for the next three years, numerous UGE children disappear, are given up for adoption, or simply abandoned.
  • July: Operation Discovery, a clandestine eight-man mission to Mars, makes planetfall and begins its survey.[8]
  • August 15: The Indonesian government collapses following VITAS and several volcanic eruptions.
  • November 18: A tribe of yeti is conclusively identified in Nepal.
  • December 24: The Awakening.
    • The great eastern dragon Ryumyo appears on Mount Fuji.
    • Under the cover of a fierce storm, Daniel Coleman leads a walk-out of the Abilene detainment camp. Guards attempt to stop him, but their bullets bounce off a glowing field. Coleman leads his people into the storm, leaving no trace.
    • The main cabin of the primary Operation Discovery module suffers a catastrophic malfunction and crashes on Mars, killing five of the eight astronauts. The survivors begin the return to Earth in the command capsule.[8]
    • 00:00:01 - Saeletra makes its one and only appearance.[9]
  • December 26: Ley lines and standing stones re-emerge all over Britain. The Great Welsh Dragon Celedyr is sighted over Caerleon.[10]


  • January 1: During the traditional New Year's Message from St. Peter's Square, Pope John Paul IV denounces metahumans as abominations in the eyes of God. (Tír na nÓg)
    • In the Czech Republic, Czech Catholics rise up against the Vatican in response to the Pope's denouncement of metahumans. (Shadows of Europe)
  • January 3: The great dragon Hualpa emerges in Yucatan.
  • January 12: The Ganges, Indus, and Jamuna rivers in India are purified and become mana lines.
    • Tibet, safe behind a magical barrier, declares independence from China.
  • January 20: The French Catholic Church opposes Pope John Paul IV's declaration against metahumans, creating a permanent rift between the FCC and the Vatican. (Shadows of Europe)
  • January 27: The great western dragon Dunkelzahn makes his first appearance at Cherry Creek Lake in Denver. He grants a 12-hour interview with Holly Brighton, during which he explains The Awakening.
  • Lofwyr appears in Germany and becomes a corporate player.
  • England's King Charles III abdicates in favor of his only surviving son, George.
  • The Hildebrandt-Kleinfort-Bernal (HKB) megacorporation is formed in England, an increasingly major power in world financial affairs.
  • March: In Vatican City, a Papal Bull is issued confirming Pope John Paul IV's position against metahumans and further denouncing all things magical as "unholy and ungodly by their very nature." (Shadows of Europe)
  • March 31: The great dragon Lung awakens at Mt. Emei.
  • April 8: The Israeli government orders the evacuation of Jerusalem's Old City due to dramatic spiritual manifestations.
  • June 1: The Japanese Diet passes the Yamato Act. The Act deregulates Japanese corporations, restricts foreign corporate activity, and makes the nuyen the official currency of the state.
  • August 12: Sheila Blatavska founds the Atlantean Foundation.
  • August 30: A conglomerate of corporate interests takes control of Denver's struggling public welfare system.
  • September 16: The German military kills Feuerschwinge to end her four-month rampage, and is the first known kill of a Great Dragon by metahumanity.
  • October 17: Violent warfare between Keruba International and BMW prompt seven of the largest corporations (BMW, Ares Industries, Shiawase, Mitsuhama Computer Technologies, ORO, Keruba, and JRJ International) to form the Inter-Corporate Council to mediate disputes.
  • November: Jesse Garrety and William Jarman are reelected as President and Vice-President of the United States.
  • November 29: The Passau Treaties are signed, defining corporate extraterritoriality in Germany.


  • January 1: Naga appear near Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Cambodian peasants begin to worship them as rulers of rivers and rain.
  • April 2: The Inter-Corporate Council fails to stop the violence between Keruba International and ORO.
  • May 23: The IRA attacks Aldershot, the home of the British Army.
  • June 15: The Combat Biking League is founded in Baton Rouge, CAS.
  • August 12: Xinjiang province secedes from China and names itself Uighurstan.
  • September 13: In Vatican City, Pope John Paul IV dies in his sleep. He is replaced by a moderate Brazilian cardinal who takes the name John XXV. Despite this change in power, several Irish Catholic bishops who had refused to accept John Paul IV's denouncement of metahumans break from the Catholic Church and instead go to the Church of Ireland, a small splinter church. (Tír na nÓg)
  • November: The wall around the Saar-Lorraine-Luxembourg Special Administrative Zone is finished.
  • The Trojan-Satsop nuclear power plant in Redmond, Washington, USA suffers a partial meltdown, releasing radioactive contamination into Beaver Lake and the surrounding areas.[11]



  • Schism splits the Irish Republican Army (IRA) into two factions: the Provisional IRA (led by elven spike baby Liam O'Connor) and the Official IRA. The Provisional IRA is incorporated into the state security apparatus, where it counters Protestant paramilitaries. It would grow into the core of the Tir Republican Corps (TRC).
  • March 18: Hong Kong secedes from mainland China and proclaims independence. The British government uses its influence to protect Hong Kong, but is duped by megacorporations and loses face over the incident.
  • April: Anarchists take control of Berlin. Walls are raised and troops posted to contain the anarchy.
  • May 5: Francisco Pavón of the Azatlán party is elected president of Mexico. He renames the country Aztlan. The ORO Corporation was heavily involved in the Matrix-based voting process.
  • May 15: The Magic Hat opens in Minneapolis. It is the first private organization for practicing magicians.
  • May 18: Belgium dissolves when Wallonia splits from Flanders.
  • August 6: Thunder Tyee leads Salish warriors to capture a US submarine base near Bangor.
  • October 4: Thunder Tyee's warriors capture Puget Sound Naval Shipyard.





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