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The Year of Chaos

  • January 13: The first baby is born with the condition that will later be described as Unexplained Genetic Expression.
  • January: The Mexican government dissolves in the wake of VITAS outbreaks. Hundreds of thousands of refugees swarm the US border. [1]Sixth World Almanac claims April 7
  • England's Sizewell B nuclear power station suffers a critical meltdown. 7,800 people die within the first month and nearly 80,000 will die of various cancers over the next thirty years.[2]
  • A nuclear power plant in Dounreay, Scotland, suffers a meltdown, creating the Scottish Irradiated Zone.[3]
  • The Auvergne volcano in France erupts.
  • February: The IRA kills forty-four soldiers of the British Parachute Regiment in Coalisland.[4]
  • February 9: The Black Tide hits the North Sea coast, killing thousands and displacing millions in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Denmark and Norway. Half a million people eventually die from the Black Tide's effects.[5]
  • February 20: The first mana storm sweeps across the Australian Outback.
  • March: The IRA kills thirty-one soldiers of the British Parachute Regiment in Ulster.[6]
  • March 14: Newsweek magazine is the first media outlet that describes UGE babies as "elves" and "dwarfs."
  • April 14: The IRA destroys the British SAS base in Belfast, killing thirteen operators and eleven Protestant paramilitaries.[7]
  • May: Beginning now and for the next three years, numerous UGE children disappear, are given up for adoption, or simply abandoned.
  • July: Operation Discovery, a clandestine eight-man mission to Mars, makes planetfall and begins its survey.[8]
  • August 15: The Indonesian government collapses following VITAS and several volcanic eruptions.
  • November 18: A tribe of yeti is conclusively identified in Nepal.
  • December 24: The Awakening.
    • The great eastern dragon Ryumyo appears on Mount Fuji.
    • Under the cover of a fierce storm, Daniel Coleman leads a walk-out of the Abilene detainment camp. Guards attempt to stop him, but their bullets bounce off a glowing field. Coleman leads his people into the storm, leaving no trace.
    • The main cabin of the primary Operation Discovery module suffers a catastrophic malfunction and crashes on Mars, killing five of the eight astronauts. The survivors begin the return to Earth in the command capsule.[8]
    • 00:00:01 - Saeletra makes its one and only appearance.[9]
  • December 26: Ley lines and standing stones re-emerge all over Britain. The Great Welsh Dragon Celedyr is sighted over Caerleon.[10]


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