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  • Humanis Policlub is founded.
  • The United States Supreme Court grants equal rights to metahumans.
  • Riots over hoarded VITAS 2 serum level the Los Angeles neighborhood of Watts.
  • In Fatima, Portugal, during a visit by Pope John XXV, an apparition of the Virgin Mary appears before thousands of witnesses. This event reinforces the Pope's declaration against metahumans and further pushes the Portuguese Catholic community into a conservative mindset. (Shadows of Europe)
  • The ICC moves to the Freedom space habitat, renames itself the Corporate Court, and grants itself authority over all extraterritorial corporations.
  • Kenneth Brackhaven goblinizes into an ork. His father Charles has him murdered and brainwashes and surgically alters a SINless orphan into believing he's Kenneth. Officially, Kenneth's goblinization went into remission.[1]
  • Neuro-interface software engineer Moira Thornton invents the synthlink.[2]
  • June 21st a strange, mystical Mist suddenly appears in Brittany, France and expand up to covering most of the region for the next five years.[3]


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