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  • January 17: Russian armed forces invade Poland, starting the first EuroWar.
  • March 12: India begins rebuilding its infrastructure.
  • April 3: Poland surrenders to Russia.
  • April 7: Russian forces enter eastern Germany.
  • April 17: A new constitution is submitted to the Provisional Congress for approval. Two thirds of the US and Canadian states ratify it over the next six months. US President Andrew McAlister becomes provisional President of the UCAS, Canadian Prime Minister Harold Frazier becomes provisional Vice President of the UCAS.
  • May 23: Leopold Habsburg declares himself Emperor of Austria after his traditionalist faction ousts the government from power.
  • July 6: Russian forces invade the Czech Republic. Austria is the first European power to offer aid to the defenders.
  • The Mafia Commissione strips James O'Malley of his position of capo of Milwaukee and forces him to retire for focusing on revenge against the Yakuza instead of his responsibilities.
  • In Australia, BHP and Mount Isa Mines merge to create Tanamyre Resources.
  • The Australian Secret Intelligence Organization and the Federal Police merge to become Australian Intelligence and Security Enforcement.
  • September 9: Yakut declares independence from Russia.
  • Frida Kohlman meets the radical Asatru priest Wednesday.
  • October 21: Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden establish the Scandinavian Union.
  • November 3: Echo Mirage Team Two wipes out the last known concentration of the Crash Virus code. Of the original thirty-two Echo Mirage members, only seven survive. Four of them go into business with knowledge of cyberterminal design.
  • November 30: Major David Gavilan disappears.
  • December 16: In Spain, Father Julian Estrellas loses an arm and his mother is killed in a motor vehicle collision when the other driver goblinizes behind the wheel. He becomes vehemently anti-metahuman after the incident.
  • December 25: Desk-sized second-generation cyberterminals are commercially-available.


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  • February 7: The Night of Rage. Disenfranchised metahumans around the world take to the streets in protest of their discrimination. Some protests turn violent.[1]
    • The Seattle Metroplex Guard rounds up city metahumans and confines them in Tacoma's waterfront. Anti-metahumans set fire to the detention centers, sparking riots that cause hundreds of deaths.
  • February 8: The events in Seattle spark racial violence worldwide. In New York, 836 die. In Australia, initial racial violence by people of Asian origin prompts wider violence against people of Asian origin. In Berlin, anarchists attack authorities. In Czechia, Muslims are targeted. In Poland, the National Republic of Poland is established under martial law with Russian support to quell the troubles.
  • February 10: Members of Alamos 20,000, using a combination of magic and explosives, destroy the Sears Tower in Chicago, Illinois, UCAS. The death toll reaches 26,000.[2]
  • March: Anarchists establish the Free State of Berlin.
  • March 17: Bloody Thursday in Boston, UCAS. The Knights of the Red Branch Irish terrorist organization plant a bomb in an elven restaurant, killing 24. The St. Patrick's Day parade degenerates into a race riot, killing or injuring hundreds.[3]
  • Lusiada corporation's consolidation is achieved.
  • The Danube Union is dissolved.
  • A massive chemical spill in the Teesside area of Great Britain results in more than 70,000 deaths.[4]
  • June 1: The Universal Matrix Specifications Conference sponsored by Fuchi takes place in Tokyo, Japan. More than 7,000 humans and metahumans meet for three months to determine the details of Matrix programming. The rules are called the Universal Matrix Specifications (UMS) and are adopted world-wide.[5]
  • July 5: In Charleston, CAS, a victim's ghost help discover evidences leading to the arrest of a serial killer.[6]
  • August 6: The Pan-Europa terrorist group releases a para-viral agent on London, with destructive effects on wood and biofabrics. It damages the London domes beyond repair.[7]
  • Wu Kuan-Lei, founder of Wuxing and one of the architects of Hong Kong's independence, dies of old age. He is succeeded at Wuxing by his son, Wu Lung-Wei.
  • The superheavyweight class (95 kilograms and up) is introduced into the World Boxing Association and the International Boxing Commission to accommodate augmented human and metahuman fighters.
  • September 10: The CAS Senate hearings begin to investigate charges of racial prejudice against metahumans. The committee's shocking report verifies that conditions amount to slavery in most states. In response, the Native American Nations impose heavy trade sanctions on the CAS to speed up the passage of metahuman equality laws.[8]
  • A blizzard brings Las Vegas, Ute, to a standstill.
  • September 16: Nadja Daviar becomes the interpreter of Great Dragon Dunkelzahn after they meet in Paris.[9]
  • November 15: Monarchists in Shaanxi province stage a coup and install Michelle Chou as queen.[10]
  • The Mather Group purchases the Cabrini Green housing projects from the city of Chicago and attempts to evict the residents. The ensuing violence kills thirty-two and causes millions of nuyen in damages. Mather becomes de facto landlord for the housing projects, using local gangs as "security" in exchange for a cut of their illegal profits.[11]

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