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  • The Song-O-Mat scandal. After Zir Zemo's use of the Song-O-Mat software is discovered, the Japanacorp Uzora is revealed to have manufactured numerous musical groups with the same software.[19]
  • Falsely-labeled music produced by Software Produced Automatic Music (SPAM) is found during law enforcement crackdowns on pirated music.[20]
  • The dwarf singer Pantu'u files suit against Truman Distribution Networks over the unauthorized recording and sale of his sound.[21]
  • The Manitou Brotherhood bombs a GMC factory in the Algonkian-Manitou Council, killing fifteen.[22]
  • January 31: Proteus AG qualifies for German extraterritoriality.[23]
  • February 17: The study of ancient ninjas lends credence to the physical mage theory.[24]
  • March 1: A Seattle street gang called the Mindfraggers attacks the Octagon. The Universal Brotherhood's security wipes them out. The only survivor is taken to Seattle General in critical condition; she later relates her story of the incident to Zebediah Wanderly.[25]
  • March 12: Rebel forces begin commando raids against Aztlan troops in Yucatán.[26]
  • April 6-7: At approximately midnight local time, the towns of Gilroy and San Martin, California Free State, erupt in violence. Roughly ten percent of the towns' populations are dead and most of the rest flee. San Martin's City Hall and Universal Brotherhood chapter house are razed to the ground. In his investigations, Zebediah Wanderly concludes that two insect spirit hives came into contact and instinctively attacked each other.[27]
  • April 27: Anti-Japanese terrorists bomb the San Francisco BART line.[28]
  • April 28: Relations between the Russian Republic and the Allied German States are normalized.[29]
  • April 30: Mary-Beth Tyre is kidnapped just after her sixth birthday.[30]
  • May 1: Just before 10:00 PM local time, freelance reporter Frederick Davitt is murdered at his apartment door in Washington, FDC. His bludgeoned body is discovered in a garbage bin behind his apartment.[31]
  • May 6: Shortly before 11:00 PM local time, former NewsNet investigative reporter Zebediah Wanderly uploads his notes and research into the Universal Brotherhood to the Denver Nexus from Grodin's Tavern in Seattle. The Brotherhood destroys the building to kill him and stop the upload. Lone Star manages to identify Wanderley and the street decker Icepick through dental records and conclude that Icepick failed to stop Wanderley from destroying the building.[32]
  • May 19: Final Fling, featuring simsense starlet Euphoria, is released.[33]
  • May 21: The great western dragon Schwartzkopf appears in the town of Furth im Wald at the foot of Schwarzkoppe Mountain and declares himself its ruler.[34]
  • May 29: A dragon collides with an Airlink Transit plane in Pueblo Corporate Council territory, killing two.[35]
  • June 3: Derek Highsun leads a successful coup against Adrienne Silvermoon to take control of the Manitou Brotherhood in the Algonkian-Manitou Council.[36]
  • June 23: The great dragon Haesslich disappears after a battle with a group of shadowrunners near Puget Sound in Seattle.[37]
  • June 24: Princess Caroline of the United Kingdom marries Swiss banking magnate Jurgen Meier.[38]
  • July 20: Spinrad Industries is hit with massive fines and loses French extraterritoriality after revelations that it participated in illegal human experiments in Marseilles.[39]
  • ca. August: Seattle musician James "Dark Angel" Crull apparently commits suicide in a BTL-induced episode. Xanadu Studios releases a posthumous album of his music.[40]
  • August 10: Terrorists blow up a steamship filled with Aztechnology officials on the Mississippi River.[41]
  • September 15: Clothing fashions trend towards an exaggerated “heavy armor” look.[42]
  • October 9: Spinrad Industries signs a one hundred-year lease for the entire Principality of Monaco and begins a dramatic reconstruction plan.[43]
  • October 26
  • November 3: Frumious, the sasquatch singer for Shield Wall, disappears after their live performance at Underworld 93 in Seattle, UCAS.[46]
  • November 15: A debate between corporate security officers and shadowrunners on the talk show Heavy Hitters erupts into violence.[47]
  • November 17: The new Flamingo Casino opens in Las Vegas.[48]

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  • January 21: President of the UCAS Alan Adams dies the day after his second inauguration. Thomas Steele is sworn in as the 5th President of the UCAS. James Booth is selected to be the new VP.[2]
  • March 12: Proteus AG completes the Okinawa arcology.[3]
  • April 24: The Essence-Integrity Theory is published, describing the link between cybertechnology enhancements and the loss of magical potency.[4]
  • May 20: The truth behind the "Elven Fire" gang attacks is exposed.[5]
  • May 28: The Great Dragon Hestaby awakens and stops Tír Tairngire's attack on Shasta Dam. She claims Mount Shasta as her domain.[6]
  • June 28: Cross Applied Technologies attains extraterritoriality.[7]
  • July 16: Researchers at the University of Michigan publish theorems describing spell anchoring.[8]
  • August 13: Proteus AG completes the Osaka arcology.[9]
  • August 23: Racially-targeted violence in the Byrne Projects leads to an attack on Crusader Security's Chicago office. [10]
  • August 24: The Moolah Temple in St. Louis, home to a Universal Brotherhood soup kitchen, burns down. An explosion levels a portion of the University of Seattle's science building.[11]
  • August 25: Hurricane Ethelbert devastates New York City and Washington, FDC. Jonathon Teague, former executive VP of Highstar Incorporated, is found dead in a Redmond apartment, apparently a suicide.[12]
  • November 9-16: Yamatetsu violates a concord of the Corporate Court in searching for forbidden lost technology and almost triggers a global corporate war.[13]
  • November 10: Cape Town police pull out of the city in the face of unprecedented levels of violence.[14]
  • The Justice Syndicate releases the "Mather Syndicate" report, exposing the conditions at the Cabrini Green housing projects in Chicago. The city is forced to reclaim the projects, but refuses to recognize the tenants' contracts, declaring the projects abandoned and freeing the city from any legal obligations to provide services to its residents.[15]
  • November 11: The Illinois state legislature passes Special Order 162 (The Cabrini Refuge Act), turning over ownership of the Cabrini Green housing projects to a coalition of ghouls.[16]
  • December 4: Humanis Policlub attacks Cabrini Green, killing at least one hundred.[17]
  • December 6: With the Treaty of Karlsruhe, the governments of France and the AGS hand control of the Saar-Lorraine-Luxembourg Special Administrative Zone over to a corporate Administrative Council.[18]
  • December 18: Humanis Policlub attacks Cabrini Green again, killing at least one hundred. Knight Errant releases a statement that the company will continue to provide security to the refuge.[19]
  • The musician James "Dark Angel" Crull and his wife/manager Lili "Icelady" Ice disappear and their house burns to the ground after they announce their album Earthdawn: The Scourge.[20]


  • January 3: Knight Errant chooses not to renew their contract to protect Cabrini Green in Chicago, while the city retains their services to contain any violence that breaks out between its residents and the numerous pro- and anti-ghoul factions camping out around the projects.[21]
  • February 16: The Chancellor of the Allied German States is assassinated at O'Hare Airport in Chicago, UCAS.[22]
  • Shadowrun Returns: The Emerald City Ripper terrorizes Seattle. An independent shadowrunner and friend of Ripper victim Sam Watts discovers the Ripper's identity and his connection to Jessica Watts, Sam's sister. The investigation leads to the Universal Brotherhood operation in Seattle and a fight with insect spirits beneath the Brotherhood building.
  • April 30th: Tír Tairngire locks down Crater Lake.[23]
  • May 2: The Crater Lake lockdown becomes public news.
  • May 8: Tír Tairngire shoots down a Sioux Nation military scout for violating the no-fly zone around Crater Lake.[24]
  • May 12: Yucatán rebels bomb an oil refinery, killing 127.[25]
  • May 17: The Seventh Church of the Guiding Hand is founded.[26]
  • May 24: A semi-ballistic flight to Tokyo crashes short of the runway, killing 119.[27]
  • June 4: The luxury yacht Gilded Hope is lost, presumed destroyed, trying to breach the Veil around Tír na nÓg. Seven thousand metahumans gather to listen to the radical ork activist Preacher in Seattle. The NAUBL Super Brawl is invalidated and rescheduled following a mid-game assassination attempt on Seattle Screamers star players Punch and Judy, who retire following the game.[28]
  • June 10: An MIT&T expedition to Crete announces its discovery of relics and artifacts corresponding to the legendary location of Atlantis.[29]
  • June 24: Proteus AG completes the Emden arkoblock in the Allied German States.[30]
  • July 13: The nuclear power plant of the Bundeswehr barracks in Karlsruhe-Ettlingen inexplicably explodes. Rumors about a terrorist attack or a mishandled nuclear bomb abound.
  • ca. August: Owl shaman Jason Two Spirits appears on episode 324 of "Good Morning Evanston," in which he delivers a cryptic warning of impending disaster for the city of Chicago.[31]
  • September 7: The UCAS Congress passes the Endangered Species Act, which protects a number of Awakened creatures.[32]
  • November 10-18: Dragonfall:  A group of shadowrunners led by Monika Schäfer attempts a raid of the Harfeld Mansion's data vault outside of Berlin.  While jacked into the Matrix, Schäfer is killed by an unknown Matrix entity. The survivors of the group, led by Schäfer's promising recruit, investigate the cause of her death. Starting with a search for the person who hired the team, Green Winters, the team eventually learns that when the Great Dragon Feuerschwinge was awakened, she was not killed by the German military, as was formerly believed. Winters's brother, Adrian Vauclair, incapacitated Feuerschwinge by separating her soul from her body. During the course of their investigation, the team learns that Vauclair had recovered Feuerschwinge's body and astral essence and was using them to create a virus intended to kill every dragon on Earth.  The team foils Vauclair's plan, with the recruit having the option of liberating Feuerschwinge, enslaving her to an AI called APEX, or euthanizing the Great Dragon.  During the aftermath, the recruit is approached by Lofwyr for potential employment.
  • Cassie Barnett's shadowrunner team is called to end the Sons of the Green's occupation of a hydroponics bay in the Renraku Arcology.
  • Combat Inc.'s 58th Combat Team resigns en masse over disputes over bonus pay and rotation, forming the Fifty-Eighth Battle Brigade.[33]
  • Martin de Vries ends a vampire serial killer's fifteen-month reign of terror in Minneapolis/St. Paul with extreme force.[34]
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  • Acting on "tips" from Ares, the UCAS FBI discovers that insect spirits control the Universal Brotherhood and shut it down, using a cover story of financial corruption. Other nations take similar steps, and the Brotherhood is completely shut down by 2056. Ares assists in destructive raids against local hives, which are reported as widespread incidents of "unmotivated terrorist violence" against the Universal Brotherhood.
  • August 8: The AGS government declares a state of emergency over Berlin and tasks the extraterritorial corporations with ending the anarchist rule of the city. Heavy fighting erupts.
  • August 23: An Ares Macrotechnology Firewatch team assaults the Universal Brotherhood's chapter house in Chicago. The insect spirits escape into the city, causing mass panic. The UCAS government demolishes buildings around the downtown core, trapping over 100,000 civilians within the "Chicago Containment Zone." The official story is of a VITAS outbreak. The Mafia loses contact with the Don of Chicago and the Commissione believes him dead; it transfers control of Chicago operations to Don Leo McCaskill of Milwaukee, a former lieutenant of James O'Malley.
  • October 1: An unidentified group penetrates a massive insect hive beneath Cermak Avenue in the Chicago Containment Zone and detonates a sub-tactical nuclear weapon just after the queen spirits erect a magical barrier. Civilians and military personnel witness the huge explosion from outside the Zone. Virtually all the insect spirits in Chicago are knocked into torpor. Official sources refuse to comment.
  • Late December: The media receives documents compiled by residents of the Chicago Containment Zone describing the truth behind the Wall: a Hell-on-Earth scenario where petty warlords exerted control through violence, privation is the norm, and insect spirits openly preyed on the population. Chicago gains a new nickname: Bug City.
  • The band Anhedonia breaks up. Lead singer Billy "Oz-Man" Ossian focuses on their record label, Chrome Damage.[1]
  • Doris, Shield Wall's second sasquatch singer, passes away from cancer.[2]




  • January 1: Mafia Don James "The Hammer" O'Malley is assassinated by a Chimera-sniper.
  • The Mob War erupts in Seattle.
  • January 31-unknown date:  A small team of shadowrunners led by Michael is brutally ambushed in the newly reclaimed Amerindian lands of the Salish-Shidhe.  Video footage recovered from a dead shadowrunner's eyes is made public, prompting Michael's brother, Joshua to investigate Michael's death, and the true nature of his last mission.  Joshua eventually comes into contact with Sinsearach Council member Harlequin, learning that Harlequin utilized a Mr. Johnson named Caleb Brightmore to hire Michael for the job, and that Michael's team got killed by a Renraku strike team.  Michael's original mission was to destroy Thon's magic source at Ellisia's Tomb in the Salish-Shidhe.  Joshua aids Harlequin in completing Michael's original mission, effectively sealing off Ellisia's tomb. 
  • Feb 22: Ares implements "Operation Extermination," a large-scale physical and magical assault on the insect spirits infesting the Chicago Containment Zone. The Chicago quarantine is officially lifted in President Haeffner's State of the Union address.
    • Ares uses FAB Strain III, an astrally active bacteria, to target Bug Spirits in the Zone. Unfortunately, strain III does not restrict its depradation to insect spirits—it affects any astral object or being. Chicago's ghoul community is devastated.
  • Renraku Europe relocates its HQ from Berlin to Munich and begins the construction of an arcology on the grounds of former Hellabrunn zoo.



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