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  • Monads announce themselves to the Corporate Court and outline plans for Project Exodus, which is planned to be completed in 2080.
  • 7 February - Corporate Court announced the Megacorporate Revision over the next years, to (re)assess all AA and A corporations status, triggering a lot of unrest (and runs in the shadows) while megacoportations becomes target for AAA takeover, or attempt merger (or strikes against competition) to ensure they will keep their status.
  • March 15: The Megacorporate Revision begins. The Corporate Court begins auditing a number of AA and single A Megacorp to confirm or change their status.[1]
  • Unspecified date between February and NovemberSamantha Villiers, who was running the NeoNET Seattle office dies - apparently from natural cause, but rumors in the shadows states it may have been a hit.
  • July to August: In Seattle, over the summer, the ACHE is overheats, causing the death of 634 persons[2]. While few people are actually aware of this, the root cause is not a design flaw of the building, but some drastic cut to the maintenance budget done by Nikola Taul, who will be a candidate for the governor position the year after, and will try to keep the scandal under lid.


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