For street gang see 8-Balls

8-Ball is the street name given to a black male dwarf from the street of Seattle. He was raised in the squatter haven known as the Crypt, where he learned some hand-to-hand combat from the teachers there. After an encounter with a Humanis Policlub member inside a nearby Stuffer Shack one night, 8-Ball decided it would be better to learn how to use a gun than a knife or sword. He then set out to learn all he could about modern firearms, and was oft-quoted as saying "I learned how to use anything ranged, from rocks to rockets."

8-Ball got his name after shaving off his afro after the store clerk at the Stuffer Shack killed the Humanis Policlub member, who assaulted and threatened 8-Ball and the clerk with a Remington Roomsweeper (shotgun).


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