Allied German States
AGS flag
Capital Hannover
Government Confederate Republic
Leaders President
Population 100,017,000
Land area 137,983 mi² (est.)
GDP (total) 3.19 trillion
(per capita)
Major Ethnic Groups
Humans: 67%
Orcs: 11%
Trolls: 9%
Dwarves: 7%
Elves: 5%
Others: 1%
Major Languages Spoken German
Major Religions Evangelical: 27%
German Catholic: 15%
Roman Catholic: 13%
Christian Orthodox: 6%
Muslim: 8%
Others: (including Neopaganists / Wicca) 10%
Non-denominational: 21%
Currency 2 Deutsche Mark (DM) = 1 Nuyen (¥)
1 Euro (€) = 1 Nuyen (¥)

The Allied German States (AGS, German: Allianz Deutscher Länder, ADL) is the loosely organized collection of Kingdoms, Duchies, and republics that were once the Fifth World country of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Recent HistoryEdit


The AGS is notable for having several great dragons, and a (relatively) large number of Night Ones and Giants.

Component States and Major AreasEdit

The confederated nations that comprise the AGS are as follows:

There are also territories that are part of the AGS that are unassociated with the above nations:


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