Picture from Paranormal Animals of Europe

The Aitvaras (Alutuserpens lithuanii) is a snake with a slender body up to 8 meters in length with a distinctive "third eye" formation similar to the New Zealand tuatara lizard and unusual ability of magical flight, similar to dracoforms.

It is an omnivore and scavenger, living mostly on fruits, grains, and berries, and despite its reptilian appearance, seems to be equally active throughout the year. It is a solitary creature that Rural Lithuanians consider to be a good omen. Some are rumored to have symbiotic relationships within certain villages, supposedly warding off hostile animals and practicing in some sort of unknown animal husbandry.

While the aitvaras has eluded the study of paranaturalists, it is generally thought of as a magical creature, due to its flight abilities and mystic powers that cannot be attributed to genetics. The Aitvaras is indigenous to Lithuania and other Baltic states.


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