Once the heart of Land of Enchantment. Before the Pueblo Corporate Council, New Mexico was a welfare state, and was dependent on corporate interest. It was a popular filming site for many top production companies for a good part of two centuries.

The Duke City was established as the Villa of Albuquerque in February of 1660, by Don Fransisco Fernández de la Cueva, the viceroy of New Spain. He was the 8th Duke of Albuquerque, Spain.

Back in the 17th century, Alburquerque, Spain was a hamlet in the mountains of Spain, close to the border with Portugal. Because of its proximity to the border, and depending on the politics at the time, Albuquerque sometimes found itself to be in Portugal.

Today, Albuquerque is a small metroplex, compared to other major cities. It is 400+ years old.

  • Dragon Lair:
  • NeoNet:
  • Sandia Peak: [aka Watermelon Mountain]
  • Volcanic Basin: [Dormant]
  • Aquifer:
  •  ???
  •  ???

Recent History: [December 3rd, 2072] FastJack contracts a team led by Riser to get him into the network of a NeoNET facility outside Albuquerque, PCC. While FastJack is investigating the facility's purpose, something infects both him and Riser; they begin to exhibit symptoms of dissociative identity disorder, which FastJack also notices in Plan 9. The infection identifies itself to FastJack as the "Self-Educating Autonomous Reasoning Combat Hacking" program.

Recent History: [April, 2076] Boston Lockdown, Celedyr, NeoNet connections???