Artifact Liberation is a mission from the video game Shadowrun: Hong Kong‎‎.


The player is hired by a Johnson named Mr Drake to loot a dig site of unknown origin, possibly dating back to the Fourth World. He requests that the runners make it look like a simple burglary, but the true target is a pair of ancient tomes. Once inside the site itself, the runners encounter ghosts of the previous inhabitants, and must escape a Knight Errant response once they reascend.

Walkthrough Edit

This is from my first play through, so im not exactly sure about the alternative ways to complete this, I hope others can fill out info on other ways

The museum Edit

From the center room, you can explore the exhibit rooms, an office and the entrance to the tombs. Don't mind the locked door yet. The door leading further beyond the crypt entrance has a terminal you will use later.

You will have to make your run look like a robbery first as the doors will be locked later. Your employer, Mr Drake will appraise the different items on display, and to make the 10k mark you have to steal only the most expensive items.

You will see you have an alarm threshold counter at the left of your screen. if it reaches 10 you will fail the mission, so in other words you can only set off 9 alarms. i learned that the hard way.

Go to the office first. there is a terminal that can be decked to gain access. Is0bel can grant you access to the terminal but not the executive access. Play around with the lighting choices, deck the executive access if you can, otherwise leave the terminal.

Im guessing the exec access gives you access beyond the bookshelf. I did not have decking but i was an adept so i had the strength to smash through the bookshelf. (The password is "Tennyson", which you can infer from the painting on the wall.) You can also get Gaichu to help you move the bookshelf. This will set of one alarm, so you can only steal 8 things. but it still lets you get to the 10k mark. Beyond you find the two most valuable items you can steal, and the worth of them absolutely makes up for the extra alarm.

With decking you might be able to open without an extra alarm (i don't know but even if not, the two items beyond make up for it).

After you are done in the office just run through the two other rooms and steal the rest of the items, most expensive first until you get to alarm threshold 9/10. This should complete the 5k and 10k optional quests and net you one karma for each, and also some bonus nyuen when you receive your payment.

Tombs Edit

Now head down to the tombs. Taking the path to the left you will find the first book. keep following the left wall and you will eventually find a matrix node with paydata and the spell wild accuracy for you to liberate.

Head straight down from the matrix node after you are done to find a spirit summoning altar and some unaware enemies. A gargoyle and some zombies. use the new cool surprise attack feature and get into position to gank them. During the fight my main character was transported to.. a place. after getting hit by an enemy. there is an enemy there and you are transported back when he dies.

During the fight you will be flanked by another gargoyle and three more zombies. after disposing of the enemies you can find the second book down where the first group of enemies started out.

The tombs are big, i looked everywhere but there is nothing more down here. explore iif you want but you have done everything there is to do here now

Go back to get up to the museum and you will be confronted by a mummy spirit thing. He will ask for your help to fee him from the tomb. his spirit is trapped there and cannot escape.

If you kill him, he drops a damage 5 sword

If you free him you will be given an item that lets you call him for help once.

Return to the museum Edit

Go back up and get to the terminal in the room beyond the tomb entrance. Done! But as this is a shadowruns game there is bound to be some complications, right? Right.

As you are about to leave some cops shows up at the entrance and engages you in a fight. After you merk them Mr. Drake will inform you of a side exit. Be careful walking through the previously locked door. One of the cops on the other side has a sniper and you are very much in the open for him to do a lot of damage if you run in like i did.

You know the deal. Paint the walls red and head to the exit when you are done. Mission complete

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