Auburn (as of 2072)
Population: 218,000
Humans: 65%
Elves: 11%
Dwarves: 2%
Orks: 19%
Trolls: 2%
Other: 1%
Size: 363 square kilometers
Population Density: 601/km2
Per Capita Income: 32,000¥
Below Poverty Level: 29%
On Fortune's Active Traders List: <1%
Corporate-Affiliated: 63%
Felonious Crime Rate: Unknown
Less Than 12 Years: 30%
High School Equivalency: 42%
College Degrees: 26%
Advanced Degrees: 2%
Hospitals: 7
Local Telecomm Grid Access No: 1206
DisplayMap Seattle
Overlay Seattle Auburn

Auburn is a heavily industrialized district of the Seattle Metroplex.


Auburn is an industrial district of smoke-belching factories and blue-collar (read: downtrodden) workers.

Auburn is bordered by Renton in the north, Tacoma in the west, Puyallup in the south, and the lands of the Salish-Shidhe Council in the east. Green River flows through the district.


Typical mix for Seattle. Most inhabitants are blue collar workers.


Mayor Zax Pound-Down, a flamboyant ork, was elected in 2048. He was concerned with the environmental degradation in the district, and had to fight off a number of smear campaigns.

In the late 2050s and 2060s Humanis Policlub influence begun growing in the district, leading to racial tensions.


Auburn has over 400 factories, metal refineries, and petrochemical plants, and thus it is the manufacturing and industry heart of Seattle. The biggest factories are the ones owned by Federated Boeing, including the huge Boeing facility in eastern Auburn. Renraku has a computer hardware complex in the district's west end, easily the largest factory of its type.


Auburn boasts its own amateur baseball (Auburn Cardinals) and Urban Brawl (Auburn Rubblers) teams, and the Seattle International Raceway is in this district.

Lone Star Security RatingsEdit

  • AA: Auburn, Lake Wilderness
  • A: Algona (some areas), Berrydale (some areas), Pacifica (some areas)
  • B: Algona (some areas), Berrydale (some areas), Covington, Enumclaw (some areas), Georgetown, Maple Valley, Pacifica (some areas), Sumner (some areas), Timberlane
  • C: Black Diamond, Enumclaw (some areas), Sumner (some areas)
  • D: Bolse


Hotels Edit

Restaurants Edit

  • Barn Burner - Large restaurant, cowboy cuisine
  • Magician’s Feast - Medium restaurant and bar, American and Salish cuisine, the owner is a mage

Bars & Nightclubs Edit

  • Aurora, The - Bar, named for the ghostly lights seen in the alley
  • Casey’s - Bar, decker hangout near the Clone Zone Mall
  • The Hole Story - Bar, favorite of ork shadowrunners

Attractions Edit

Government Buildings Edit

Businesses Edit

Medical Facilities Edit


There is a significance gang presense, but no gang claims total control over the district. Most gangs are usually small, with no more than a couple dozen members. Go-gangs operate along Route 18 and Route 164, while thrill gangs are found mostly along the border near Puyallup, in Sumner and along the Tacoma border in downtown Auburn.

Organized crime (Mafia, Yakuza) has a significant presence here.

Petty crime perpetrated by squatters and other criminal elements from Puyallup Barrens in the south is a constant problem.


  • Vital statistics were unchanged from 2050 to 2072 or were not reported more than once. Infoboxes for specific decades can be found in on the first page of relevant sourcebooks (see sources).
  • 2072 book did not provide an update on any topics but places of interest



  • numerous shadowtalk comments have been offered on this topic throughout available sources:
    • 2050 (Seattle Sourcebook):
    • 2060 (New Seattle):
    • 2072 (Seattle 2072):

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