The Aurora is a bar (or at least some sort of), located 304th Street E & 132nd Avenue E.

The Aurora is just a collection of sad stories. The original owner, an ork named Gar Skaar, thought the place was haunted based on strange lights seen in the back alley. Turns out the lights were just luminous phosphorescence from a combination of decaying garbage and trace chemicals in the air on bad smog nights. Gar’s oldest kid, Hun Skaar, runs the place these days, but it’s still like a rest home for down-and-out squatters and street-types looking to drink and forget. That includes a few former shadowrunners, in fact, so some Johnsons see the Aurora as a recruiting hall for suicide missions. Some of the patrons are willing to take them, hoping to score big or go out in a blaze of glory.

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