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(This population figure, as well as the demographic figures below, represent the Baltimore Sprawl and excludes the neighboring Washington Sprawl, the State of Delaware, and the neighboring Philadelphia Sprawl)

Baltimore (as of 2070)
Population: 6,963,758
Humans: 84%
Elves: 8%
Dwarves: 4%
Orks: 3%
Trolls: <1%
Other: <1%
Size: {{{size}}}
Population Density: 15,040/km2
Per Capita Income: 36,525¥
Below Poverty Level: 10%
On Fortune's Active Traders List: 1%
Corporate-Affiliated: 34%
Felonious Crime Rate: 21 per 1,000 per annum
Less Than 12 Years: {{{ed_less12}}}
High School Equivalency: 45%
College Degrees: 47%
Advanced Degrees: 1%
Hospitals: 200
Local Telecomm Grid Access No: Regional Telecomm Grid Access: NA/UCAS-NCE/BAL


The Johns Hopkins University was located in Baltimore before losing their university status, renaming in Johns Hopkins Institute of Health and relocating to the Caribbean League. [1]


Ares Arms - the military hardware subsidiary of Ares Macrotechnology - is headquartered in Baltimore. [2]


Baltimore has a professional Baseball team - the "Baltimore Orioles" - that play in the eastern division of the NAL. [3]


The elven Ancients streetgang has a chapter in Baltimore. [4]


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