A Bandersnatch (Pesvastus dissimulatus) is a sasquatch that has been infected with HMHVV II, although they do not manifest the vampiric aspects usually associated with the virus. Its coat is more mangy-looking than a normal sasquatch and its strong arms are more elongated as well. It has the teeth of a carnivore, and it does prefer fresh meat, either still alive or recently killed.

The supreme advantage the bandersnatch has against its prey is the ability to refract light around its body, making it virtually invisible to the naked eye. Since it refracts lightwaves, ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths are affected as well. The concealment effect looks very much like the Predator from the eponymous film starring Senator Schwarzenegger. Combined with the sasquatch's mimicry ability, the bandersnatch becomes a powerful hunter indeed.


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