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One of the smaller Hotel/Casinos on the strip, Barbary Coast has seen better days. The rooms feature aging Victorian-age decor and the hotel itself is in serious need of maintenance. Recently, the owners have begun to capitalize on the latest "Pirate" craze by playing up the Pirate theme of the casino, with a recently renovated floor that resembles a coastal shanty town and a life-size pirate ship smack in the middle of the area.

Nightclubs: Drai's After Hours

»Barbary Coast has traditionally received poor reviews from hotel and casino quality groups, and there is a major reason why: Barbary Coast is one of the major money laundering sites used by the Verontesse mafia. The books are cooked up so tight here that the casino games actually aren't rigged (unlike in most of the rest of Vegas). Be careful of this place... this is Mafia home turf.« — Wheelwatcher (02:11:52/2-2-56)

»It is a rather open secret that Drai's is one of the favored meeting places of the Capo. He and the current proprietor go back a long time. If you are in good with the Verontesse family, and you aren't out to stir up trouble, I can think of worse places to set up a meet than Drai's.« — Family Guy (02:11:52/2-2-56)

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