The Gianellis are one of the three Mafia families operating in Seattle, UCAS. They are led by Don Joseph Gianelli.

The Gianellis used to be called "Bigios" but after the death of Don Maurice "Butcher" Bigio in 2070 control of the family was given to Joseph Gianelli who reorganized and renamed the family.

Gianelli Family AtlantaEdit

There's also a Gianelli Family in Atlanta, CAS. It was led by Don Gerold Gianelli, who was very old in 2058, with his son Harold as likely heir and cousin Leonard as possible rival.


According to Runner Havens in 2070 the Gianellis operate in Seattle and their leader is Joseph Gianelli.
But Underworld Sourcebook (set in 2058) places them in Atlanta, CAS, and names their Don as Gerold Gianelli. There is shadowtalk about Gerold being very old with his son Harold as likely heir and cousin Leonard as possible rival but there is no mention of a "Joseph".

Maybe Joseph is either Harold's or Leonard's son and has become Don after his father's death and has moved the family to Seattle where they absorbed the Bigios.
Or maybe there are two Gianelli families - the "original" in Atlanta, led by Harold or Leonard, and a "spin-off" in Seattle led by Joseph.


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