The Black Star used to be an elite paramilitary collective of Neo-Anarchist shadowrunners, mercenaries, and direct action activists recruited directly from the shadows and indirectly from a number of different anarchist and neo-anarchist organizations around the world. The organization had many cells operating in Bogota during the Az-Am War, but Aztechnology mostly wiped out these cells during its final push to successfully end the war. Lately there has been an effort to bring Black Star back.

Modus OperandiEdit

Black Star operations are organized according to a loose network of cells. Black Star cells participate in many conflicts around the globe, engaging in direct action or to train local collectives in combat skills.


Black Star is especially interested in acquiring awakened members. They will have to recruit heavily before they can field a useful-sized force again.


Black Star started out with the idea that people have to take care of each other and stand up to "The Man". Many of their operatives are Shadowrunners and like Shadowrun itself the focus of the group has changed. As the game moved into 4th edition there was a shift from Anarchy and Hoodin' to being mercs and making money. With that shift Black Star also switched to being more mercenary like and lost sight of the goal of protecting weaker regular people that are being crushed or ignored by the cooperate machine.

There has been a push behind the scenes of Shadowrun by an Old Crow to move some of the focus back to Neo-Anarchy and Hoodin'. The process has been slow, but attitudes are beginning to change. The Shadowrun Anarchy rulebook has multiple mentions of Black Star. There is a job to go to Bogota and save one of the last survivors and his cache, upon completion of the job membership could be a reward. Rose Red is listed as a Black Star Operative in her tags. Black Star is making a Comeback.


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