Welcome to the Queen City and the Falls. Edit

Buffalo/Niagara Falls, NY on the western end of New York and part of the collection of metroplexes that make up the Lake Ontario Ring. (New York: Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo/Niagara Falls, and Watertown; Ontario: St. Catherine, Niagara Falls, Hamilton, Toronto, and Peterborough) They are two separate cities in two separate counties (Erie and Niagara) in the western portion of New York State. Buffalo is the bigger of the two while Niagara Falls is known for a wide waterfall on the state border that it shares with Ontario.

The area saw some growth after the earthquake that hit New York City though some aftershocks from the quake were felt, but the damage was minimal. Some of the corporation left NYC looking for more stable ground and Buffalo had an open for business sign. The Treaty of Denver saw a huge influx of Canadian expats to make it a boom town and the Treaty of Richmond saw more investment when the corporations in the UCAS were worried about the political climate of the CAS.

Vital Statistics Edit

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