United Canadian and
American States
Flag UCAS (actually)
Capital Washington DC
Government Representative Democracy
Leaders President of the UCAS: Angela Colloton
(formerly Kyle Haeffner)
Population 172,016,000
Land area
GDP (total) 4.816 trillion
(per capita)
Major Ethnic Groups
Major Languages Spoken
Major Religions
Currency 4 UCAS Dollar (u$) = 1 Nuyen

The United Canadian and American States, also referred to as the UCAS, is a federal republic in eastern North America, stretching from the Atlantic in the east to the beginning of the Rocky Mountains. It is the successor state to both the United States of America and the Dominion of Canada. It shares land borders with Quebec, Algonkian-Manitou, Sioux, Pueblo and CAS. The state of Seattle on the West Coast of North America is enclaved in the Salish-Shidhe territory.

The country has 31 states, which have a level of local autonomy according to the system of federalism, and a special district, the Federal District of Columbia, encompassing the capital Washington DC. The state of Seattle is sometimes designated as the metroplex of Seattle, though it possesses all the attributes of a Union State. A UCAS citizen may be referred as an American or a Canadian, UCASer or Canadian-American.


  • 2014 - 2018 - The Ghost Dance War. The Sovereign American Indian Movement lays claim to much of the western United States and Canada.
  • 2017 - Hawaii secedes from the US, becoming the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi.
  • 2018 - The Treaty of Denver is signed. Most of Canada and about one-third of the US are ceded to the Native American Nations.
  • 2030 - October 15, Union Day. The remnants of Canada merge with the United States, resulting in the UCAS.
  • 2032 - In response to the Euro-Wars, most of the UCAS forces based in Europe are withdrawn.
  • 2034 - The southern states of the UCAS secede and form the Confederation of American States. The new border is outlined in the Treaty of Richmond.
  • 2036 - California Free State secedes from the UCAS.
  • 2055 - Chicago is overrun by bug spirits.
  • 2056 - December; results of presidential election overturned due to evidence of fraud. Congress declares the election invalid, and announces a new election to take place in eight months.
  • 2057 - August 7; the great dragon Dunkelzahn is elected President of the UCAS.
  • 2057 - August 9; Dunkelzahn assassinated by a car bomb
  • 2057 - August 10; former Vice President Kyle Haeffner is sworn in as Dunkelzahn's replacement; Nadia Daviar becomes VP.

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Corporate Presence
Ares Macrotechnology (HQ: Detroit) (cd.32-35)
Draco Foundation (HQ: FDC)
Novatech, Inc (HQ: Boston) (bib.26-27, cd.66-74)
Renraku Computer Systems (cd.78)
Shiawase Atomics (cd.97)
Most megacorporations
Brackhaven Investments (cd.9)
UCAS Online (HQ: FDC) (tm.14)


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Several major smuggling routes run through the U.C.A.S. (tsh.79-88).
The headquarters of the Council to Rebuild America is in Detroit (und.82).
The headquarters of the Magical Reform Society is in Toronto (und.83).
The headquarters of the Mothers of Metahumans is in the Federal District of Columbia (und.83).
The headquarters of the People for the Ethical Treatment of the Awakened is in the Federal District of Columbia (und.83).
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Shadowland nodes in (at least) New York, Boston, Halifax and FDC (tm.27).
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During Halley's Comet visit, naturally occurring orichalcum discovered near Cumberland, Kentucky (yotc.85).

Canon novels

The novel Changeling is set in Chicago.
The novel Night's Pawn is partially set in Manhattan (pp 21–83).
The novel Striper Assassin is set in Philadelphia.
The novel Burning Bright is set in Chicago.

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The locations section of the Combined Neoanarchists' Guide To Everything Else details the following cities:
Chambana, Illinois (pp 8–10),
Dayton, Ohio (pp 12–16),
New York City (pp 27–29).

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