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Since it opened in 1968, Circus Circus has been synonymous with pulse-pounding excitement, family-friendly fun, and unbeatable value. Circus Circus keeps kids of all ages enthralled with live circus acts, a carnival midway, and a theme park with the only indoor double-loop, double-corkscrew rollercoaster in the world. This is unique - even in Las Vegas.

With more than 100,000 square feet of grown-up gaming, the excitement truly never ends at this thrill-a-minute resort.

»Ugh. This place is like the Virtual Disney of casinos... it's so "middle class WASP nuclear family"-themed, it makes me puke. They even have "family friendly" card games, like a betting version of Go Fish for kids.« — Chromagon (01:21:33/5-1-52)

»Although it's controlled by the Wynne Conglomerate, Shiawase has controlling stock in this Casino/Hotel. The corp often sends their suits to this place for vacation... a great place for staging an extraction — Shia Pet (11:33:28/3-9-54)

»They even have a wedding chapel here, for those of you who want to get married in a circus. Yuck yuck.« — Vegas Baby Vegas {10:13:21/1-2-55)

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