Name: Clash Metatype Troll Age 24 Archetype Arms Dealer


Body | 6 Agility 3 | Reaction | 4 Strength | 5

Charisma | 3 Intuition | 4 Logic 3 | Willpower | 3

Special Stats:

Connection Rating | 3 Edge | 2 Essence | 4.7

Magic | 0 Resonance | 0

Initiative | 7 Passes | 1

Physical Damage Meter | 11 Stun Damage Meter | 10

Description Clash is a troll with dark green skin, brown hair and eyes, buzz cut, tusks and long straight up horns. He is not a pretty looking troll, but at least he knows it. He is often dressed in military fatigues and has a collection of them from different countries. He has never been in the military, but he pretends he has. No one is brave enough to call his bluff. Clash has a short fuse and is pretty strict when it comes to giving orders or oweing favors. He has scars running along his face from his gang days, that he keeps quiet about.

Places to meet In the back room of his Army Navy Store, in Evertt.


Active Skills: Computer 3, Data Search 2, Perception 3, Etiquette 3 (Street 5), Firearms 4, Negotiation 4, Dodge 2.

Knowledge Skills: Military Rumors 2 (New Weapons 4), Fences 3, Gear Value 4, Pistols 3, Automatics 3, Longarms 3, Military Politics 4, Military History 4 (Famous Battles 6), Gang Turf 2

Language Skills: English N (Military Jargon)



(Name) (type) (Damage) (AP) (Mode or Reach) (Ammo) (RC) (Notes)

AK-97 | AR | 6P | -1 | SA/BF/FA | 38c


Camouflage Suit (Jungle) 8/6'

Cyberware Full obvious Arm ( Body+3, Strength+2, Internal Ares Predator | HP | 5P | -1 | SA | 15, Sound Suppressor, External Clip Port), Cyber Eyes (2)(Image-Link, Eye-Recorder, Lowlight, Flare Comp, Thermo, Smartlink)


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