Clockwork is a hobgoblin rigger, from either Montenegro or Sarajevo (accounts differ), who often sells protypes of his custom drones after using them. He also likes big explosions, preferring sabotage runs, accepting wetwork jobs as well. He is a founding member of Jackpoint known for his bigotry and his on-going feud with Netcat, whom he once tried to sell to a corporation for research.

He's well known for being ill-tempered, completely amoral by a shadowrunner's very thin standards and having a twisted sense of humor (on one occasion he used a cream-pie icon, which he slammed into the face of an exec in VR to visualisize a deadly black hammer utility). Also he's got a feral, proto-sapient AI as a pet which is visualisized by an icon of a furry ball, and was looking for an emergent, trained dog—a mongrel —to track down emergent critters.

In Shadowrun: Dragonfall, a Shadowland user using the same name makes several posts to threads the player is capable of observing. It is unknown if the two are connected.


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