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Robert N. Charrette is a graphic artist, game designer, art director, commercial sculptor, and author.

Robert aka Bob Charrette was born in 1953. For FASA he wrote Battletech and Shadowrun novels and was - together with Paul Hume and Tom Dowd - one of the original designers of the Shadowrun setting.

Shadowrun related workEdit

  1. Never Deal with a Dragon (Shadowrun ROC #1)
  2. Choose Your Enemies Carefully (Shadowrun ROC #2)
  3. Find Your Own Truth (Shadowrun ROC #3)
  4. Never Trust an Elf (Shadowrun ROC #6)
  5. Just Compensation (Shadowrun)

In Shadowrun, from the Secrets of Power trilogy, his well-liked shadowrunner characters Dodger, Sally, and Ghost are depicted on the cover of the main Shadowrun rulebook.

He's also mentioned in the credits for following rulebooks and sourcebooks:

  1. Shadowrun Second Edition (additional material)
  2. Critters booklet (Original Paranormal Animals and Powers)
  3. Shadowrun Fourth Edition (material from previous Shadowrun editions)

as well as for Shadowrun concept, as member of the original Shadowrun design team and/or for design of the first edition (of Shadowrun) in some of the rulebooks.

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