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Coyote Ugly was a friend of "the Shadowrunner" and ally against Jessica Watts in the events of 2054.


Coyote was raised in a BTL Apartment with her cousin Gino. After growing up, she managed to escape, but didn't manage to save her cousin. Living on the streets, Mr Kubota found her and she started working at Seamstress Union, where she met Paco, Sam, Jake and others.

After working for a long period of time at the Union, she started searching more and more about her cousin, eventually going back to BTL to try to shoot him out of there. She failed and ended up being kidnapped and went missing. The shadowrunner and Paco saved her after tracking her down. She failed to find her cousin and returned to Union with injuries in her face and arm.

At Union, she was treated by their doctor, which had to remove her arm and add a new, metal one, and wanted to remove the scar in her face, though she insisted not to do it since she had "earned it for being stupid". While the Shadowrunner was going after the Ripper, she was searching about her cousin, and found his location at another drug addict BTL place.

With the help of Paco and the Shadowrunner, she managed to find her cousin, only to see he was completely crazy and dependent of BTL. Depending on the shadowrunner's decision, Gino may or may not commit suicide. After these events, Coyote, grateful for the shadowrunner's help, aids him against Jessica Watts and other villains alike.

After the Shadowrunner decides Jessica Watts fate, she smiles and talks to him shortly. She mentions going back to destroying BTL business so that no one needs to suffer through the same that her cousin did with the help of Paco, and thanks the Shadowrunner before leaving.


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