Crimson Crush from Shadowrun Sourcebook, Seattle 2072

The Crimson Crush is an Ork go-gang based in Seattle.

Membership: unknown (medium-sized)

The Crimson Crush considers the part of the Redmond Barrens known as Touristville (near 228th Avenue) to be their turf. They wear red leathers and operate as "protectors" of the Orks residents and since the Crash 2.0 also of all other residents, after which they in the chaos of the aftermath of the system failure essentially guaranteed the basic supply of the people there.

The Crush regularly confront human gangs lined up on the Policlub Humanis and Human Nation. They make money by extorting "protections" from the shopkeepers of the neighborhood and also make a bit of street-level dealing of illegal drugs and the occasional smuggling. They do not trust the Unions , but they seem to have obtained many new BTL chips from the Triads. The "Kong-Chips" sell like hotcakes, to the great displeasure of the Mafia and the Yakuza.[1][2]

In the course of the Tempo-Drug War in the spring of 2071, the First Nation moved its activities from the eastern Everett to Redmond inevitably fighting with the Crimson Crush. The Crimson Crush is primary Orks, but they have started allowing Trolls and Ork-Posers into the mix.


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