Dassurn Securities and Investments
World HeadquartersSeattle, UCAS
President/CEOAlberta Johnson
Chairman of the Board
Corporate StatusPublic
Major Shareholders Brackhaven Investments

Dassurn Securities and Investments (DSI) is a Seattle-based investment firm and historically one of the metroplex's largest corporations. Its primary business is asset management, financial advisory, and trading securities and other financial instruments. DSI is a subsidiary of Brackhaven Investments, the A-rated multinational corporation that came to eclipse DSI in size and influence.

DSI held a seat on the United Corporation Council's Central Planning Committee, which holds sway over the rest of the UCC and is composed of both global megacorporations and local Seattle corporations, for decades. It no longer holds a seat because it is a subsidiary of Brackhaven Investments, which itself holds a seat on the CPC.