Dikote™ is a process that deposits a thin layer of diamond particles onto a solid surface. Methane gas is mixed with hydrogen gas to create a plasma when subjected to microwave energy. This plasma is passed over an object, imparting a diamond film as the gases cool on the surface. Because of the extreme temperatures involved in the diamond coating process, only ceramics, certain metals, and certain plastics can survive the procedure.

Industrial applications of Dikote include smooth, almost-frictionless surfaces, increased structural integrity, drill bits, and semiconductors. Shadowrunners typically use Dikote to impart a stronger integrity to personal body armor and to apply an unmatched sharpness to edged weapons.

Surface areasEdit

In the 2050s, Dikote™ cost 10¥ per square centimeter, with a minimum setup cost of 1,000¥.

Armor cm2
Jacket 15,000
Full suit 22,500
Long coat 27,500
Weapon cm2
Katana 750
Spur 500

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Dikote does not exist as an option in SR4 (specifically not included in o80643476Arsenal). From a fluff point-of-view, it may be assumed that a less costly version is now included as standard in the base statistics of any objects that would benefit from it.

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