The Disassemblers are probably the nastiest gang in Seattle Downtown.

They are mostly made up of trolls with some orks, a few humans, and fewer dwarfs. They control part of the Dock lands.

In 2053 they had a turf war with their neighbours, the Amerindian First Nation. The 15 year old Dennis Falk (aka Falcon) accidentally crossed their turf and was hunted mercilessly by four trolls. He didn't wear his colors or a weapon. After escaping them the first time, he was saved from being beaten up or killed by the Ameriindian shadowrunner, John Walks-by-Night - aka Nightwalker, whom he met in one of the dark alleys when the trolls finally caught up to him.[1]

The Disassemblers were responsible for the death of an innocent Ameriindian woman who was the mother of the Seattle-based shadowrunner, Jack Skater. She died in an assault by the gang in her flat. This killing made them mortal enemies of the shadowrunner as well as of the fixer Kestrel. This led to a fight between Jack Skater and the gangers. Jack was so badly hurt, he needed heavy treatment by a streetdoc and some replacement cybersurgery.[2][3]

In the 2060s they gained an even worse reputation. The Disassemblers became professional organ-leggers, running illegal chop shops, stealing and moving body parts from clinics. They even started capturing people to take and sell their organs and cyberware. They have deals with Tamanous, which makes them direct rivals to the ghoul gang, the «162s» from Redmond Barrens, which also trade with the large organ-legging ring. [4]


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