This is the Sixth World Wiki. It is not just an encyclopedia, but a wiki-community as well. If you haven't already, you will need to create an account. We used to allow editing by anyone, but now you have to create a (free, of course!) account. This is to prevent spamming. A good starting point for learning about wikis is the User's Guide for MediaWiki.

How can I contribute? Edit

Simply click on one of the "Red links" scattered throughout the Wiki. It should take you to a page with a blank space for you to contribute what you know about a given subject. When adding entries, please check out the (work-in-progress) Style Guidelines first, so you have a good idea of how to format your contribution. You can also just look at current entries to give you a good clue.

Sometimes there are entries with "empty" categories. To edit these categories, simply click on the "edit" link that resides on the far right of the category header.

Things you can doEdit


  • Go to the Simple talk page to talk about this Wiki.
  • You can also discuss any article. Just click on the discussion tab at the top.
  • Navigate from the Main Page to a topic of personal interest and see if you have anything to add to the subject.




Stub pages
Stubs category


This link will take you to a page which lists all the topics which are linked, but don't have an article written about them. It also lists how many links go to that particular page, so higher priority wanted articles are listed first:



Other things you can doEdit

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