Eiger is a character in Shadowrun: Dragonfall.


She is a Troll KSK Weapons Specialist, deadly with the long arms, she was one of Berlin's finest soldiers in the military and quite the beauty of a troll and have quite the life of a privileged Metahuman as one of her personal belongings include a real leather jacket. Her way to the top as a KSK was not without obstacles as one recruit had given her a nickname with a sexual connotation as she made an example of a recruit who called her "beautiful yet hard to climb". She was cast into the shadows when nepotism and inexperience led to being forced to work with a son of a well connected man who was responsible for the death of her squad during one of the many missions where the KSK fought to stop the Vory's influence in Germany, secretly supported by Russian covert ops and she was burnt by the German military to cover up her involvement in the operation. Eiger wasted no time ending the life of the one responsible for the mess and was forced to go to Berlin as a Shadowrunner where she was soon working with Monica. Her confrontations with the Russian Commandos extends to at one point facing an agent working for Winternight unbeknownst to Eiger.

Eiger is the very antithesis of the Flux State, a by the orders Troll who would not accept any missions without planning or preparations beyond knowing how many fetishes or how much ammo they need to complete it. Her personality clashes with the Shadowrunners of the flux state who cannot tolerate her demands for order and organization. She is not insubordinate however and admires Shadowrunners who stress professionalism above all. As KSK, she has military suppliers providing her with highly prohibited munitions that few Shadowrunners can procure and sports limited cyberware for improving her already impressive skills.


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