Triads 2 from Shadowrun Sourcebook, Underworld

The Eighty-Eights is a Triad based in the Seattle sprawl of the UCAS.


In Seattle, the Eighty-Eights are the most modern Triad. It is led by Rick Wu, a third generation Chinese-American who cares little for the mystical traditions of the Triads. He allied the Eighty-Eights with the largest Asian gang in Seattle, the Tigers. Under his leadership the Triad has gotten heavily into cyberware and implants.[1] Excessive implants are a sign of status with the Triad.[2] He has severed all ties with lodges outside of North America. In this he was supported by his Incense Master, a technomancer (Ruibai Dong) who approves of the direction that the Triad is taking.[3]


The Eighty-Eights like the other Triads is are involved in small-time protection rackets, gambling, and prostitution. Their main sources of income though are like with the other Triads in the smuggling of drugs, chips, and weapons.[4]

In its relationship with the numerous allied Asian gangs in the sprawl, it uses a kind of franchise system. The Eighty-Eights accept part of their incomes as "tribute" and in exchange it provides them with guidance, coordination, and intelligence. When needed it also brokers turf-sharing deals and peace agreements to prevent gang wars and let both sides profit. The Triad emphasize subtlety over brute force.[3]

The Eighty-Eights are able to call on the network of gangs, which gives them impressive manpower. On the negative side, those gangs are poorly armed, disorganized, and prone to fall into squabbling among themselves if left without guidance.[2]


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