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Elves (sing. Elf, lat.: Homo sapiens nobilis) appeared for the first time in 2011. Starting from this year, some human mothers bore dwarvish or elvish children. Medical researchers called the transformation of these babies Unexplained Genetic Expression (UGE).

Characteristics Edit

Adult elves are on the average slightly taller than humans (≈190cm), and they are usually somewhat more lightly built (i. e. thinner with an average weight of 72kg), but equally strong. Their most remarkable characteristic are their pointed ears. Their skin color varies, similarly as with humans, from white to black. Body hair is sparse but head hair is full and fine. Elven eyes are almond-shaped. Thanks to metabolic testing, it has been shown that Elves have a potential lifespan of several hundred years or more, with certain unexplained genes (usually found in powerfully magical elves) giving some an even longer lifespan. Like Orks, Elves are endowed with more, and more sensitive, rod cells in their eyes, giving them natural lowlight vision. For that they are believed to be naturally nocturnal, and a lot of elves - but not all of them - are vegetarian.

Elves have created their own countries: Tir Tairngire in western North America, Tír na nÓg (the former Ireland), the Zulu Nation in the Azanian Confederation (former South African Republic) and Pomorya in the North East of the Allied German States.

Variants Edit

There are at least five known variants of the Elven Metatype:

HMHVV-infected ElvesEdit

Elves, infected with HMHVV-1 will become Banshees. Elves infected with HMHVV-2 will become Harvesters. Elves infected with HMHVV-3 will become ghouls - like humans or any other metahumans.

Immortal ElvesEdit

Immortal Elves are a small group of Elves immune to aging. Most are thousands of years old, surviving from The Fourth World to The Sixth World.

Racist insults for ElvesEdit

Racist people, who like to call metahumans names will use the terms "Knife-eared Freak," "Dandelion Eater," "Daisy Eater," "Tree Hugger," "Fairy," "Keeb" (short for Keebler) to insult elves.

Game InformationEdit

Third Edition Game Statistics: +1 Quickness, +2 Charisma, Low-Light Vision.


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