Emergence Lake is a metaplane corresponding to the creation myth of the Navajo people.

According to the Navajo creation myth, the Navajo people ascended to the Earth from the depths of a primordial lake known as the Emergence Lake. Around the shore of this lake grow massive stalks of all the four sacred plants: corn, squash, beans, and tobacco, and the nearby Rain People carry the clouds that blankett the region with life-giving water.

The wise Navajo shamans who have managed to reach the Emergence Lake through vision quests have found it to be exactly as the legend describes. A massive, bottomless lake stretches as far as the eye can see, its shoreline worn into a path by the journeying feet of thousands of Navajo ancestors. Along the path stretch the stalks of the sacred plants, reaching up to the clouds born on the heads of the Rain People, giant spirits of air who circle the Lake perpetually. The Rain People will be reluctant to talk to the visiting shaman as they are already burdened by their important rain-giving task, but the spirits of water who swim in the Emergence Lake are much more cooperative. Also, if a shaman wanders the lake-side path long enough, he is bound to come across spirits of man, ancient Navajo ancestors who have returned to the lake that birthed their people.


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