The EuroWars, short for the European Wars, are the two conflicts that occurred in Europe between 2030 and 2037, directly following each other.

EuroWar IEdit

In 2030 Russia started an invasion of Poland and Finland, defeating the Polish military within three months.
When Russian forces crossed the Polish/German border in 2031 the nations of Western Europe formed the European Defense Force to replace the defunct NATO and attacked the advancing Russians.
In 2032 the EDF supported by the newly founded MET2000 managed to stall the invasion at the river Elbe.
Then, in January 2033, a new faction (today still unidentified but suspected to be the United Kingdom) suddenly entered the war attacking both sides: Nightwraith bombers destroyed their HQs, computer viruses sabotaged their military networks and commando units assassinated various warmongering hardliners.
Shortly thereafter an armistice was signed.

EuroWar IIEdit

Taking advantage of Europe's war-torn situation the Alliance for Allah (AfA), a fundamentalistic Islamic movement, invaded Southern Europe in two places: Greece and Spain. Hastily, European forces were relocated from the North to the new front lines and heavy fighting erupted.
After a major European victory in Spain in 2036 and the toppling of fundamentalistic governments backing the AfA by Euro commandos operating behind enemy lines the war ended in 2037: the AfA collapsed after word spread that its leader, Mullah Sayid Jazrir, had been assassinated and infighting over his successor erupted.