The Everliving Flower is a perfectly preserved rose within a sealed block of solid crystal. The rose is normally black, but blooms bright red when in the presence of any dragonkin. It is rumored that any whose skin is pierced by the Flower's thorns will be granted immortal life, though none have discovered how to open the crystal box to do so. It is also claimed that the Everliving Flower may play some part in healing the Corruption of the Blood Wood.

Shadowrun ReferenceEdit

In 2057, Dunkelzahn bequeathed the Everliving Flower to Alachia in his Will.

Earthdawn ReferenceEdit

In the Earthdawn Era before the Scourge, the elves of Shosara obtained a rose from the gardens that blossomed around the Queen's Palace in Wyrm Wood; and enchanted it so that it would live forever, a symbol of the immortal, unchanging nature of elven culture. Then they sealed it within a magical crystal box and sent it to Queen Failla. However, en route from Shosara to Wyrm Wood the Everliving Flower disappeared, to reappear in the Theran capital of Parlainth, where it rested until that city's return after the Scourge. The wizard Hiermon of Haven hired a band of adventurers to recover the flower, and it was transported back to the court of Queen Alachia in the Blood Wood.

The dragon Mountainshadow had a band of adepts breach the Blood Wood and steal the Everliving Flower, leaving the Rose Crystal in its place in order to trick Alachia into believing the Therans had stolen the Flower (again). Alachia fell for this bait and committed her forces against the Therans.


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