Freeway Park
Coordinates 47°36' N, 122°19' W
DisplayMap Seattle Downtown
Marker pin red padded
larger map

Freeway Park is a park in Seattle Downtown. It is a popular avenue, attended by corporate drones as well as more free-willed spirits, up to an occasional ganger, who are not to be deterred even by quick police response time (this is, after all, an AAA neighbourhood).

The park is wired with a security system (cameras, mikes) and related electronics (touristy AR gadgets). It has its own security, staff, gardening drones. Park electronics are connected to a dedicated Matrix server.

It is surrounded by towering skyscrapers. Notably it is directly adjacent to the Seattle Convention and Trade Center (formerly Washington State Convention Center).

Retired shadowrunner and Mouse shaman Scarper lived there in 2060s. At that time a free spirit took interest in the park, and was known to cause mischievous accidents there.


  • SRM00-01S "Mission Briefing"


  • see SRM00-01S "Mission Briefing" page 26 for a Legwork table

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