• 3120 Las Vegas Blvd. South
  • Hotel/Casino (Bias against Anglos), 900 rooms
  • Affiliated with the Windspeaker Corporation


The original Frontier had a storied history. The new Frontier makes history all over again with friendly service, a carefree atmosphere, and economical room rates. State-of-the-art equipment provides guests with a seemingly endless variety of gaming diversions in the Frontier's casino.

Accommodations at the Frontier are generously appointed and roomy, making this western-themed hotel the perfect place to hang your spurs, grab some grub, and pan for Las Vegas gold.

»Talk about revisionist history. He who wins the war gets to rewrite history, and Frontier is no exception. It used to be a Hotel/Casino with a country-western cowboy schtick... OK Corral, saloons, the whole bit. Ever since the Comanche Mafia bought it out, it has been retooled for a more "Amerind-friendly" atmosphere. More like "anti-Anglo". This place is less venomous than the standard Ute population, but the bias is still there.«
— Cigarman (07:22:32/10-1-50)

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