A gnawer is a dwarf (or dwarven variant) infected with HMHVV II.


A gnawer develops a rough, grayish and rock-like hide but doesn't lose his mind like other HMHVV II infected. He is forced to feast on human (or metahuman) bones. This odd dietary requirement has led to symbiotic relationships between gnawers and ghouls. Gnawers first were identified in the old Cabrini Refugee in Chicago in summer 2071.

SR3 statisticsEdit


B Q S C I W E R Init
5/1 4 (×2) 6 3 3/5 5 5 4 4+1D6

Attacks: Humanoid

Powers: Immunity (Poisons), Noxious Breath, Pestilence (HMHVV II), Paralyzing Touch. Many also have Magical Skills.

Weaknesses: Dietary Requirement (Metahuman Bone)


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