Metatype: Human
B 4 Q 4 S 4 I 4 W 3 C 3 E 6 R 3 PR 2
INIT: 4 + 1D6
Dice Pools: Combat 5
Active Skills: Pistols 1, Assault Rifles 4, Etiquette (Military) 4, Interrogation 3, Motorboat 5
Knowledge Skills: Coast Guard Procedures 4, Sea Law 4, Tactics 3
Cyberware: none
Gear: Coast Guard Uniform, Armored CG Life Jacket (bright orange, 4/4), hand cuffs, 2 red micro flares, medkit, Colt M-23 (with laser sight, shock pad, 2 clips), Ruger Thunderbolt (with 1 clip).

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