The Grey Wolves are a mercenary and crime syndicate group of hyper-nationalist Turks. They are known for their extreme violence to keep peace in the regions they police and in general. They have operations all over the world but primarily focus on central Asia and eastern Europe. They handle the flow of refugees from the Balkans to Izmir. They also act as security in Izmir to keep the peace in the city.

The Grey Wolves used to be known as Grey Wolves Maffiya and operated as a organized crime syndicate. They'd often smuggle drugs and deal in arms trade. They also have a number of ties to the Italian Mafia.

While they have no central headquarters they consider Constantinople one of their homes. Which by 2077, they took control of security operations for the free city.


During the second EuroWars as the Alliance for Allah took over Turkey, the Grey Wolves where forced out of the country and moved to Greece where they helped the Greek Resistance and become allies with the Alta Commissione syndicates. There they smuggled grey and black market goods in to Greece and western Turkey.

After Mullah Sayid Jazrir assassination in 2037, the Grey Wolves were one of the leading forces behind the Neo-Ataturk movement that lead to the Turkey civil war.


The Grey Wolves live a delicate balance between east and west. While operating in Europe they often act very secular. While those that operate in Anatolia, or Kurdistan seem to take of those countries cultural mores.

They have all metatypes, awakened, and emergent personnel and are not known for bigotry and as long as a person can be of use to the organization they will gladly accept them.


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