Hollywood Simsense Entertainments (HSE) is not-so-small Seattle business that produces simsense equipment and chips.

As detailed in the 2050 adventure: Dreamchipper, HSE has its home office in Hollywood, California Free State with the President/CEO listed as Yuri Tellenkov.

Principal Divisions:

  • Hollywood Simsense Entertainment, UCAS
Office: Seattle, UCAS; Division Head: Joshua Butler; Chief Product / Services: Simsense Entertainment Disks 
  • Modern Life Simsense
Division Head: Albert Yellowjacket; Chief Product / Services: Simsense Educational Disks and Players. 

Hollywood is a major producer of simsense players and chips. The parent firm maintains a production/distribution company in Seattle to service entertainment markets, while the main office in Hollywood produces educational disks. This arrangement allows HSE to produce simsense entertainment chips without fear of interference from Japanese Imperial State censorship boards in California.

In the early 2050's, HSE underwent a shakeup, losing 20% of their top managers, but making the company stronger and more of a force in foreign markets like Quebec and the CAS.

Some sources place one of HSE's factories in Redmond:

NE 145th Street & 168th Avenue

This factory in Redmond churns out cheap simsense gear and even cheaper sim-chips. The place has its own studios, which produce mostly soft porn and horror-schlock, using "actors" with all the emotional impact of wet carp. The company is in the pocket of the Seattle Mafia and cranks out low-grade BTL chips for sale to chippies all over the metroplex. In its back rooms, Hollywood films hardcore sim-porn and even worse drek, like snuff-films using "actors" recruited from the streets of the Barrens. A lot of wannabe actors and actresses end up working in one of HSE's productions after becoming addicted to BTLs, so they'll do whatever the director says for another hit.

Streets of Blood p. 184: Serrin says, "I seem to remember some crazy Jack stories in Seattle two, three years ago." It's a reference to the published adventure Dreamchipper (James Long, 1989). Global Technologies in Seattle was developing hybrid personafix-simsense and skillsoft technology (mentioned in New Seattle, p. 85). The prototypes were stolen by shadowrunners employed by a rival corp, Hollywood Simsense Entertainment (HSE). One of the chips, modeled after Jack the Ripper, influenced the street samurai who slotted it to commit at least nine murders in Redmond (Dreamchipper, p. 62).

p. 227: Transys Neuronet owns Hollywood Simsense Entertainment, from whom they acquired stolen copies of Global's Jack the Ripper program.