Humans (Homo Sapiens sapiens) are the first metatype - the one that was around for some thousand years before the awakening. Each new subspecies of metatypes who appeared after the awakening, via UGE in 2011 (Elves, Dwarfs) and Goblinization (Orks, Trolls) in 2021 are classified "Metahumans".

Humans who developed some strange mutations during SURGE in the Year of the Comet are still considered "Humans" and not Metahumans. Mutants such as Changelings, however, are outsiders to most human societies.

Humans who become infected with a variant of the HMHVV will succumb to infection and become new organisms, such as Vampires, Nosferatus, Loup Garou or Ghouls, no longer considered humans. They are "the Infected," and believed to be more critters or monsters than metahuman.

In most countries in the 2070s, humans are still the majority population, leading to the new colloquial term "Norm", a term also potentially used as an insult or slur.

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