Ibu Air is a free spirit and head of the Astral Space Preservation Society (ASPS). She claims to be just over one thousand years old Thus born in the fifth world.

She was elected as director of the ASPS in 2060. She inherited an organisation with a limited scope of practice necessitated by a lack of funding from the DIMR. Ibu Air quickly turned the Society around by opening the ASPS to fundraising and donations from other than the DIMR. The goal was to make them a legitimate magical organisation with a strong standing of its own in academia. Her campaign was quickly successful, by 2062 the ASPS was out of dept and operating with nearly triple the budget of two years earlier. In the following years the ASPS and Ibu Air herself published a number of well known papers including, Overcoming Long-Term Background Counts and Predicting Problem Areas in the Astral.

She is unwilling or unable to learn any language except Ancient Balinese, a language that no software has yet to be developed for translation, so her constant companion is a sumatran dwarf translator.