The Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN, jap. 日本帝国海軍) is key to projection of power for the Japanese Imperial State, and its unquestioned naval superiority in the Pacific.


Akihito-class carriersEdit

As of 2059 there were six of these 125,000 ton vessels in commission. The design is powered by three reactors and carries over 50 aircraft not counting drones.[1]

  • MF Akihito (CVN 41)
  • MF Shotoku (CVN 44)
  • MF Kammu (CVN 47)
  • MF Go Daigo (CVN 49)
  • MF Hirohito (CVN 52)
  • MF Meiji (CVN 58)

Only the UCAS Navy and Saeder-Krupp also operate large carriers.[2]


Yokohama Bay, Japan – The Akihito’s homeport circa 2059.[1]


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