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Jake Armitage

Jake Armitage in Shadowrun Returns. Art by David Nash.

Jake Armitage was a shadowrunner and data courier in Seattle in the 2040s and 50s.


Jake Armitage was a courier who was shot by assassins and left for dead in 2050 in Seattle. However his life was saved by a shapeshifting lupine figure named Kitsune. He awoke in a morgue with amnesia.

Trying to piece together his memories and determine who wanted him dead, he began to work as a shadowrunner. Jake is a rare shaman with cyberware, because he had it implanted before discovering his calling as a Dog Shaman.

He discovered that his head not only contained a bomb, but also crucial data he carried as a courier without his knowledge. This data was a program designed to kill a malevolent artificial intelligence created and protected by Drake and Aneki Corporation.

In 2054, he assisted a fellow shadowrunner in investigating the Ripper killings in Seattle.


As a side effect of Jake Armitage's confrontation with this artificial intelligence a copy of his personality accidentally was uploaded into the matrix. - This copied personality became one of an unknown number of e-ghost fragments, that took possession of the FBI agent Seth Dietrich in 2075. [1]



While the plot of the video game he appeared in was loosely adapted from Robert Charrette's novel Never Deal With a Dragon, the name "Armitage" is a reference to a character from William Gibson's novel, Neuromancer; written in 1981 and possibly the most influential book in the Cyberpunk genre. However, Jake Armitage more closely resembles the main protagonist in Neuromancer: Henry Case.



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