Josephine Dzhugashvili is a human female politician from Seattle. She is secretly a technomancer.

History Edit

She was born in 2035 to Russian émigré. She's a child prodigy and was able to graduate Harvard Law School at the age of 17. She got her Masters at John F. Kennedy School of Government. And by 2058 she got her doctorate in law. She applied for a position with the State Department, but rumor has it that Kenneth Brackhaven had blackballed her after she publicly denounced his stance against including sasquatch as citizens of the UCAS. [1]

In 2063 she joins Global Relations Institute.

In 2064 she suffers dumpshock from Crash 2.0. She spent 2 years in therapy and reportedly made a full recovery.

She is associated with the independent party and during the governor's race in 2070, she was running a campaign to have Seattle secede from the UCAS and become a free city.[1] Shadowrunners find out about her AIPS condition and her technomantic abilities which are used as blackmail to have her drop out of the race.

In 2078, she attempts to run again for the governor of Seattle during the emergency election after Brackhaven stepped down.[2] She is not able to gain enough momentum to win the election, however.


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