For years the island nation of Haiti has believed in the presence of Juju. To many people's surprise, they had been right for all that time in its presence. Seen as a woman in a straw dress by most, she is the benevolent giver or the bitter taker. Known to be either one way or the other, Juju Shamans still tend to follow their Voodoo ways to please this strange and unique Spirit Mentor. However, Shamans that cling to her for guidance find themselves struggling to find grey space in the world of right and wrong. More often than not, A shaman goes to one extreme as a "White Witch" or to the other extreme as a "Black Witch" with few muddling between the two. Only one thing is sure, Juju is a fickle but strict mentor and displeasing her would be unwise.

Advantages Edit

(Choose White or Black)

White Witches / Mambos / Voodoun Priests or Houngans

+2 Dice for Health Spells

+2 Dice for Detection Spells

Black Witches / Mambos or Bocors

+2 Dice for Illusion Spells

+ 2 Dice for Manipulation Spells

Disadvantages Edit

-1 Dice for Combat Spells

-2 Dice for all actions when acting opposite of the path chosen. (White Witches killing, Lying, etc.) (Black Witches Healing, guarding, etc.)


White Witches can still stun and knockout opponents without getting any modifier and Black Witches will receive no modifier as long as the results are immediately beneficial to their person.

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