Kitsune snes

Kitsune's appearance in SNES

Kitsune is the first openly known shapeshifter musician, and specialized in astral heavy metal.


She is a red fox shapeshifter from Neo-Tokyo, who'd often wear a fake fox tail while in human form.

She is a Mage Shadowrunner [1] who was responsible for reviving Jake Armitage during 2050. Jake had the chance, to recruit her from the Jagged Nails Club in the Downtown district. If Jake did so, and defeated a Rat Shaman with Kitsune in the party, Kitsune will permanently remain with Jake [2] unless she perishes during the events [3] and is the only one who stays alive along with Jake after the fight at the roof of the Aneki tower.

She also gave birth to a litter of kits. She died in 2071 at the Neo-Tokyo Tower from silver-plated blades thrown at her skull by an Oni hitman. Just before the blades pierced her skull, she astrally projected. In her astral form, she hired and aided a team of Shadowrunners through the fixer Take Ono to investigate her own murder. It turned out that Jubei Takeshi, the owner of Manasonic (the record company who Kitsune used) orchestrated her murder to cash in on her death and frame a rival astral rock band; Mistah Skelington and the All Ghoul Review.[4]


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